• Personalize Paris
  • Personalize Paris
Personalize Paris

With offers this tour, Belle@Paris offers you a top of the range service. Your day is “haute couture”.

You want have a clothes from a high couture creator, a unique pair of shoes, a jewellery design by a great jeweler, a hat just made for you, a unique perfume created by one of the best “noses” of a perfume house ? The “carrés VIP” of the great Parisians couturier will welcome you on “rendez-vous” to present to you new pieces that you looking for, or to create your own wish.

At any time a courier can bring you a gourmet temptation, deliver you a handbag, a jewel, in your hotel in the presence of  experts who can explain the origin of their manufacture.

During this day, Emile and Sophie can get you access to the FASHION WEEK. They also offer you the possibility of dining Place Vendôme in a jeweller’s or on a Parisian yacht or everything you can dream in Paris, thanks to their “concièregerie privée” service.

This proposition requires preparation.


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