EMILIE CATALA – Founder of Belle@Paris and Artistic Director

emilieParisian with a free and creative spirit, Emilie lived a couple of years within the framework of the French Embassy in Beijing, China, and in the United States, in Newport, Rhode Island.

Nothing escapes her expert eye: an appearance, a certain manner, a detail, a walking style is enough to make her visualize thriving makeovers.

Belle@Paris is like Emilie is: her sense of harmony and elegance finds its source in the arts she practices – contemporary dance and the violin.

Her passion for fashion appeared in Paris, where she met many fashion designers. Thanks to her look on art and on women, she became aware that the artistic fashion touch provided by French designers decisively enabled the body balance necessary for feminine wellbeing.

The concept of Belle@Paris as a startup was shaped in Beijing. When Emilie moved back from China, she cultivated the idea of accompanying any Chinese women – lately any woman of any origin – willing to adopt the elegant « French Touch ».

Emilie gets dressed with the same attention and the same permanent sense of improvisation as when she dances, In Beijing as well as in Newport (R.I.) during high-society parties, Chinese, American and women from multiple origins paid attention to her unique Parisian style, and Emilie genuinely gave adapted pieces of advise to any of them.

Emilie is going to bring an artisctic touch in your Belle@Paris’s journey, that blends woman beauty and fashion.


SOPHIE ZHOU GOULVESTRE - Partner and Director of international relations 


Sophie, Shanghainese, lives in France since 20 years and she often go back in China.

A lot of her Chinese contacts love French fashion and would like to be an elegant and charming
women, and Paris, of course, is the best destination.

But nerveless, when she looked closer at the fashion in Paris, except the mass distribution and the fashion stores where Chinese people spend time, she couldn’t find this notion that put into service « clés en main », (marked) for wealthy Chinese women.

With a HEC Paris diploma, she led operations for a Swiss distributor of luxury products, then she was responsible of the organisation and of some events for an insurance Swiss company of 2000 employees.

Sophie, like many Parisian, feels like a « fashion victim »: she is very sensitive to any form of art, particularly the ballet, the painting and classic music.

Belle@Paris is an amazing draft for her because it blends her personal taste and her professional skills to her two cultures.

Sophie will guide you in Chinese language during your Belle@Paris day.